Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Princess and Career

The following link raises an important point that there is more a girl can do than being a princess.
Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Visits 'Sesame Street' To Talk About Careers (VIDEO)

Although it is a valid point, I would have to somewhat disagree with the approach. It really comes down to the definition of what a princess is, and there are many views on that. Although there are no organization that would hire you to be a princess, there is nothing wrong with being a princess and having a job that can be called a career.

I believe that when girls (including myself) say that we want to be a princess, we actually refer to a state of being rather than a job that you can get fired from or get promotions in. Even though it may not be an actual job, it still has an important role to play and it is much more than a reference to an outdated monarchy. A princess is someone who inspires others. They cause movements (like Princess Leia). They represent strength, like a warrior princess. They don't necessarily have to be born in a royal family (a lot of Disney Princesses were not and some had other jobs). Many princesses including the Disney ones fight for what they believe in and are willing to endure hardship for a cause they believe in. I would go as far as saying that many feminists are also princesses.

I know a lot of the characters I am referring to are fictional but it is the spirit behind the character that is important. The power of fiction is sometimes overlooked and often misused in our society.

There are challenges to being a princess as well. For example, the "title" can often make someone become egotistical. And they have to do the work needed to realize that a princess does not have a function without the other people she interacts with. And in addition to that many businesses may exploit this desire of young girls to be a princess by selling to them the "right way" of being a princess.

I think it would be better to point out to the young girl (or boy) that that they can be whoever they want to be, even a princess, regardless of their career which is a separate thing. And that they can also be a "grown up" princess and it is also fun.

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