Friday, January 25, 2013

Young Princess and Presents

I love presents. I love birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, Eid, Just-because-I-felt-like-it days and many other occasions that creates an excuse to give and receive presents.

Presents are pretty. When I receive them, my treasury gets bigger and new colors and shapes get added to its picture. I like them for a few seconds while receiving it, and a few seconds before and after using it, if they are usable. I love them while using them. I love them while talking about them to other people, including the one who gave it to me. Talking about it allows me to relive the moment of happiness that I experienced when I first got it. That moment which made me feel as if I just expanded to include one more item into my identity. It is that moment, when I am not just a princess with a 1,000 presents, but a princess with a 1,001 presents. Its an occasion to celebrate, because I just grew. Hopefully I'll get more presents as a result of the celebration and grow more. Maybe if I keep receiving presents, I will grow bigger than everyone else and I can be a princess with 10,000 presents someday, and then have a celebration to make it into 10,001.

Sometimes I give myself presents too. I go to a store and see something on sale or something that can be fit nicely into my treasury. Being really really smart, I also can find many ways to fit a simple thing into my complex castle system. Stores are really nice sometimes. They package things together to give me all the products I need to oppose those mirrors that tell me that I am ugly and cursed. Some presents are so useful, that they can distract me for hours so that I do not even have to look at mirrors. I can look at a TV screen instead that contain people who are prettier than the images I see in the mirror.

There is another kind of excitement that comes from presents and this takes even less work. This one is the happiness of giving presents. I love giving presents, especially to the human mirrors. These human mirrors are much nicer than the glass mirrors. They say much nicer things to me and sometimes I feel that half of my treasury should go to them, but then again they seem to be way more powerful and awesome without a huge treasury. I find it surprising that they still get so happy from getting presents from me, even after being so awesome themselves. Its so much fun. All I have to do is find something that I think will match with their colors and it doesn't even have to be as perfect as my presents. And the best part is that I don't have to do ANY work to create the emotion of happiness when the present is given. All I do is give the present and the person receiving it does ALL the work of creating the emotion all by themselves. And then I can feel the emotion by proxy. It is so much easier than having to do the work of liking my own presents by myself.

I wish I could learn how they create happiness for the present. Shhhh... don't tell them that I don't know how. Maybe if I stay around them long enough and they give me enough presents to practice on, I will eventually learn how to be happy with the present itself and not just with myself for having 1,001 presents.

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